How do I use an image as a link instead of a word using the navigation from squarespace?

Hi, I'm attempting to figure out how to use an image as a link in the navigation instead of a word, I am once again referencing this website: Krystyn's web page has been my inspiration for my own site.

I'd like to be able to utilize Squarespaces' built-in navigation to add and take away pages if necessary on the user side. I've currently created a second navigation in the template.conf:

"navigations" : [ { "title" : "Media Navigation", "name" : "mediaNav" },

and I've specified it in base.less, everything is peachy, just not sure where to src the images. Thanks!

asked Nov 18 '12 at 00:13 by colarimj 1112

In the navigation.block format, we are calling on the collection item, and whether it's a link that goes to the opposite page. Is there a way, using the {navigationTitle} tag or {title} tag, (Or another way that I am not seeing) to call upon a specific page title, or link order, to style individual links?

        {.section collection}
          <a href="{fullUrl}">{navigationTitle}</a>

        {.section externalLink}
          <a href="{url}"{.section newWindow} target="_blank"{.end}>


(Nov 23 '12 at 13:56) colarimj colarimj's gravatar image
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