What kind of questions can I ask here?

This is a question and answer site for questions related to the Squarespace Platform and the Squarespace product.

The best questions lead to a solution or a better understanding of a problem. No question is too esoteric and no level of technical knowledge is looked down upon. If you have tried a dozen different things to solve your problem and you hit a roadblock, just ask. Chances are someone else has or had the same problem at some point.

You can ask any question related to:

  • General questions around how the platform works.
  • Questions around if something is supported.
  • How to accomplish certain tasks with Squarespace.
  • JSON-Template.
  • YUI3 as it pertains to Squarespace.
  • CSS/Less.css.

The more detailed you are in the question you are asking, the better! Include code, examples, and anything else needed to give context to your question.

What are the rules around asking questions? What kinds of questions should I not ask here?

We are building a community knowledge base that can be searched. If your question would not provide value if a visitor found it using a search, it is probably not appropriate for this forum.

  • Please ask a SINGLE question per post. Posts will be edited to remove multiple questions per post.
  • Please ask questions that are answerable. Overly open ended questions diminish the usefulness of this site. Questions must have a subjective answer.
  • If you are encountering a bug with our system, please contact customercare@squarespace.com.
  • If you have release date questions, please refer to our blog for an official update stream. If no date is there, none is available.
  • This is not a forum for general programming questions or questions about opinions, release dates, policies or preferences.
  • Your questions should be reasonably scoped. If you can imagine an entire book that answers your question, you're asking too much.
  • Do not ask for outside help or contract work.
  • Please use proper grammar. Questions that are not well worded and can not be easily rephrased appropriately may be removed.

If your motivation for asking the question is "I would like to participate in a discussion about ___", then you should not be asking here. However, if your motivation is "I would like others to explain ___ to me", then you are probably OK. (Discussions are of course welcome in our real time web chat.)

To prevent your question from being flagged and possibly removed, avoid asking subjective questions where:

  • every answer is equally valid: "What's your favorite __?"
  • your answer is provided along with the question, and you expect more answers: "I use ___ for ___, what do you use?"
  • there is no actual problem to be solved: "I'm curious if other people feel like I do."
  • we are being asked an open-ended, hypothetical question: "What if __ happened?"
  • it is a rant disguised as a question: "__ sucks, am I right?"

(The above section answer was adapted from MetaFilter's FAQ and StackOverflow's FAQ.)

How should I title my questions?

Your title should make sense without reading the description and should be in the form of a question.

  • Bad: "CSS Help!!"
  • Bad: "CSS images"
  • Good: "How can I control the max height of my gallery images?"

Who is responding to questions here?

The Squarespace community is responding to questions on this forum and is both moderated by Squarespace employees and active community members.

Will Squarespace respond to my question?

Sometimes. Squarespace employees and support may respond to questions on this site. However, you should not expect a Squarespace employee to answer your question on this site – this is a community based Q&A site. If your question can only be answered by a Squarespace employee, it is probably not appropriate for Answers. Contact Squarespace Customer Care instead.

Why are some questions or answers removed?

Questions that are off topic or not answerable will be removed by the community. Both Squarespace and community members with certain levels of reputation can moderate posts.

What should I do if I see a Question, Answer or Comment that looks like SPAM?

Posts on this Answers site have a small 'report()' link underneath the post contents. Report any SPAM you see using this feature. Once a post has been reported by two (2) or more community members, it should be deleted by the system.

Other people can edit my posts?

Yes. This is a community edited forum (much like Wikipedia). Users with certain reputation levels can edit both questions and answers to improve the content on this site.

We would like to encourage you to edit both questions and answers in order to make the content on this site as useful as possible.

What is your policy on promoting other goods and services?

Please be careful when promoting goods and services on this forum. This is not a place for advertisements. Answers that are blatantly directing discussion to a good or service without first answering the original question will be deleted.

How do I contact Squarespace?

Please contact customercare@squarespace.com for official platform support.

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